Social Media- it's all about building relationships

Social media covers everything from Twitter to forums, Blogs to Facebook but it is how you interact with your fans that is important.

More and more people are using social media to find the services and products they require, interact correctly and you can be ahead of the competition.

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Ok so you have managed to setup a Facebook Page... now what do you do? The easiest part of social media is setting up your profiles the hardest part is getting other members of the community involved and taking part.

Social media is about getting involved with your customers and potential customers and sharing information with them and taking part of the community. Internet Marketing Cornwall offers a full social media management service to help you get the done.

We help you engage with your fans and build an online community that is active and attentive.

Effective social media management transforms your customers and community members into sales people for your company. For example if you run a restaurant and someone Tweets they had a great meal, and then you tweet back, they will feel that you care and will be more likely to recommend you. If you then have special offers they will be more likely to re-tweet your offers. It is amazing how the small things can really help your business grow.

By creating fantastic campaigns and content we ensure that everything your brand does is liked and tweeted about by your fan base.

By identifying key influencers we are able to effectively spread word of mouth through the correct social media channels. We identify key influencers in your niche and build relationships with them to get their opinions and help promoting your product.

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