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Are you thinking of starting a Google Adwords campaign? Google Adwords is a great way to gain more traffic below are some of the benefits of setting up a campaign for your business..


The biggest benefit of Google Adwords over any other type of advertising including business directories, TV advertising and others, is that you only pay once a person actually clicks on your advert and land on your website. This means that it doesn't matter how many people see your advert if they don't actually click your advert and see your website you don't pay a penny.


With Google Adwords you are in controll of everything, the text in your advert the times that it appears, gone are the days you pay a huge fee to a marketing company for adverts you don't see, with Google Adwords you can see exactly what goes on and be in control of everthing. This is invaluable to your business as it gives you a better understanding of exactly what goes on with your campaign you will know exactly how, when, and why people are looking for your business and adjust your marketing accordingly for a high return on investment (ROI).


The biggest attraction to Google Adwords especially to small businesses is that there are no minimum bugets you can assign as much or as little money to your Google Adwords campaign. Many small business owners spend so much on setting up and the day to day running of their businesses there is very little left in the pot to run a marketing campaign Adwords is great for businesses to start on a small scale and grow as they bring in more customers. An AdWords campaign can be run from as little as £5 per day and still see great results for your business! It is however important that you study you keywords and make sure that you will see a return from such a small campaign so while there is no minimum you must make sure you will still benefit from a small outlay.

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