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Pay Per Click Management Service

Google Adwords Account Management

Are you struggling with your Google Adwords campaign? Are you thinking of switching PPC agency? Looking to outsource your Adwords Management? The you have come to the right place.

We offer you:

  • Professional Adwords Management
  • New Account Setup
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Professional Research
  • Relevant Adverts
  • Relevant Landing Pages
  • Professional Tracking



Professionally Managed Accounts

Our managed Google Adwords Accounts give you the opportunity of having a profession manage your account who has the experiance of managing many campaigns and working to give you the best return on your investment. We will work with you to make sure your campaigns are targetted and correctly setup to make sure your money is spent wisely. We make sure that you have full access to Google Analytics so you can monitor your account in realtime as well as provide you with monthly summary reports.


New Account Set-up Or Existing Account Management:

If you are starting from scratch with a brand new account or if you need help managing an account you have setup yourself or another company has setup for you we are happy to help you and make sure you get the most from a campaign. Our PPC management service will give your account the right structure so you gain a high ROI. We configure your account for daily bid management and constant adjustments to make sure you are paying the right price per click.

Targeted & Structured Campaigns:

If you already have a Google Adwords account setup we will start the process by analysing all your previous data, working out where you are doping well where you are lacking and what can be done to increase the ROI for your campaign.  We then analyses your website, your landing pages and build out an Adwords campaign that will really work for your business and bring in more customers to your business.

Professional Research:

We don't just reply on what happens in the past, using the data that Google provides us we complete full research on what is going on at the moment, which keywords and phrases bring in the most visitors and if these words are relevant to the service/products you supply. It is not just about targeting words that have a high search rate it is about picking words that will bring you in the most targeted traffic so you get the highest ROI.

Relevant Adverts

Another important part of an Adwords Campaign is the creation of your adverts to include different call to actions, maybe promoting services, products, special offers or incentives. We can have several different adverts running at the same time to analyse which give the best click rate and give the highest ROI.

Relevant Landing Pages:

Your landing pages are extremely important it is important that your advert sends people to the correct page and that the landing page gives them the information they are after. To make sure this happens we will give you suggestions on how you can improve pages on your website and in some instances suggest additional pages. From keyword research we find little gems that you are not currently targeting and it can be worth while adding pages because your visitors want to know about it putting you ahead of the competition. Quality score is a huge part of Google Adwords algorithm  so having a relevant page will have a positive long-term effect on your score.

Professional Tracking

We make sure all accounts we work on have Google analytics installed and configured correctly so you can monitor the amount of visitors to your site in realtime. This also lets us track what is going on and that the work we are doing is making a difference.


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