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Internet Marketing Cornwall specialise in helping businesses receive more visitors to their websites and transform these visitors into paying customers. There is no point having a website that nobody knows about, we help market your company on the internet so that it is found in Google and help you give those visitors the information they need to use you over the competition.


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About Us

Internet Marketing Cornwall are part of the Springer Marketing group. 

About Springer Marketing Ltd

Springer Marketing are an independent internet marketing consultancy. We offer website design services and Internet marketing to businesses across the UK.

We are based in the UK and have customers throughout the country, all our work is completed in this country and we do not outsource our work to other countries. We provide excellent phone and email communication so face to face meetings are very rare allowing us to service your business no matter where in the country you are so if you are down in Cornwall or up in Scotland we are able to help you.

Our main customer base is small to medium sized businesses who are either starting a new business or have a website that hasn't been performing as well as they feel it should and want help to bring more customers to their business. We offer advice on what we can do to help them improve their website to increase website traffic and convert those hits to sales.

Springer Marketing was launched as we felt there was a need for a business to link Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation together, in an ideal world SEO should not be an afterthought and should start at the beginning of the website design process to develop a good site structure and formatted in the correct manor. With more and more companies offering internet marketing solutions, we know that offering a first class service is important and that is exactly what we provide.

It brings us great satisfaction to know that we are able to promote your business to the highest levels knowing that because we were able to help you your business is doing better, and sales are higher.

We like to create a good relationship with our customers, feel free to contact us at any point to discuss ideas and ask for advice, we have worked on many different projects and get a feel for what makes a difference and what doesn't. If you have any questions no matter how small just ask, the more you understand the more you will get out of working with us.

We have over 15 years experience in website solutions and Search Engine Optimisation.

We believe that all businesses are different and their websites need to be specific to them and their customers needs, we listen to our customers requirements, ask any questions that need to be asked and produce work our customers are delighted with.

We look at a website slightly different to most companies - we see your website as another member of staff for you business it needs to have the right information and be able to present that information in a way your customers want for it and be successful.

Success online can take many forms, ranging from simply getting more traffic, to getting the phone ringing, to making more sales. Whatever success means for your business, Springer Marketing is here to help you achieve it.

Why Choose Internet Marketing Cornwall

1. We’re search engine optimisation specialists we are extremely passionate and dedicated to increasing the visitors to your website

2. We combine the tools, impact and insight of a large agency with flexibility, immediacy and attention.

3. We are experienced in SEO and will help you dominate Google fast.

4. We’ll track your progress in the search engines and can send you detailed reports of your progress.

5. We don't just focus on keywords and positions it is our job to bring you in more visitors to your website which will convert to new customers.

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